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The revolutionary concept of individually-tailored physical training and sport performance.

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Get To Know Us.

The revolutionary concept of individually-tailored physical training and sport performance.

About Us

Who We Are.

A highly experienced and qualified team with deep and wide knowledge of Mathematics, Medicine, Bioengineering, Sports Science, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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What We Do.

An innovative high-tech virtual coach dedicated to professional or amateur athletes or even healthy subjects or subjects affected by cancer or chronic diseases. Ancillary consulting services based on the motion harmonicity analysis and dedicated to top-level technical staff aiming at definitely improving the athlete’s performance.

Light Coaching

From home or your preferred gym, always recognize your level of shape.

Premium Coaching

Let our algorithm choose the best safe and effective exercise to reach maximum performance in less time, avoid injuries and keep in shape over time.

Patent & Publications

Our work is patented and verified by several experiments; International Patent EURO EP3496826 [Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom]; USA 11.198.037; CHINA ZL2017800598337.

Multidisciplinary Knowledge

Our technology includes state-of-the-art knowledge in several subjects, such as, for instance, control theory, cardiology, and computer science.

Our Project

Developing a path to renovate training experience

What We Do

An innovative high-tech virtual coach.

Our Team

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

HarmonicV Control & Consulting is composed of two internationally renowned Team Leaders and co-founders: C.M. Verrelli, Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and the CEO M. Volterrani, Head of Department alla IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, “Unità cardiaco/polmonare”. The NewCo even involves the full-time employment of Team Members: Nicolò Colistra (COO), Mohamed El Arayshi (CTO) Cristian Romagnoli (CMO) and Vincenzo Manzi (CIO). Two external consultants, Vincenzo Bonaiuto, Head of the Sports Engineering Laboratory (University of Rome Tor Vergata) and Marco Tiberti, Dynamic Measures Laboratories Responsible (University of Rome Tor Vergata).

IRCCS "San Raffaele" Roma
Co-Founder & CFO
Cristiano Maria Verrelli
Team Leader & Co Founder

University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

Maurizio Volterrani
Team Leader, Co-Founder & CEO

IRCCS "San Raffaele" Roma

Mohamed El Arashy
Co-Founder & CPO
Nicolò Colistra
Co-Founder & CTO
Cristian Romagnoli
Co-Founder & CMO
Vincenzo Manzi
Co-Founder & CIO
Marco Tiberti
External Consultant

University of Rome "Tor Vergata"